Warm and Welcoming Lodgings in Lebanon

About LebanonCountry with all the splendors: richness of the fertile valleys, sumptuousness of the mountains, awesome coast, ancestral pride of its population…and best of all, the famous Lebanese hospitality. Never will you enter a home without being offered coffee, tea, and treats. And of course, a friendly smile.

If you’d like to learn more about Lebanon we encourage you to visit the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism’s website www.lebanon-tourism.gov.lb, or any of the following:

- Travel to Lebanon
- Lebanon Tourism
- What’s Up Lebanon

  DHIAFEE Program is supporting responsible tourism and working to increase economic
  opportunities in rural communities. Book online or drop us an email to make a reservation.
Managed by ANERA, the DHIAFEE Program was established in 2006 in coordination with Al-Kafaat Foundation
and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism with a generous donation from USAID.
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