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The DHIAFEE Program

The DHIAFEE Program was conceived by ANERA in 2006 in recognition of the outstanding potential for tourism to contribute to the economic development of communities throughout Lebanon. In a country rich with sites that appeal to a wide variety of travelers, the DHIAFEE Program believes that visitors will enjoy the opportunity to stay in local communities where they can gain an authentic experience of life in Lebanon while helping in preserving local heritage.

Between 2006 and 2008, the DHIAFEE Program also partnered with Al-Kafaat Foundation to enable them to enroll more students in their Catering and Hospitality Management Schools and provide them a higher quality education. Young people graduating from Al-Kafaat will receive assistance in finding good quality jobs in the tourism sector. At the same time, Al-Kafaat Foundation professionals supported the DHIAFEE Program with their technical expertise – contributing to the development of the cottage inns of Lebanon.

Supporting Cottage Inns

DHIAFEE supported small, family owned hotels, guesthouses, camping sites, youth hostels religious lodgings and bed and breakfasts – collectively called Cottage Inns – in realizing their full business potential, creating for the first time in the Middle East a network of alternative and low cost tourism lodgings facilities. The program involved capacity building and marketing support while promoting responsible tourism and small business development.

The program offered:

1. Direct business development assistance and consultation as well as hospitality training to owners of cottage inns to develop their business and services and generate additional income. This was done in two phases:

• The first phase focused on working with the owners of cottage inns to develop their plans for developing and improving their facilities to better meet the needs of potential clients and develop their marketing strategies.
• The second phase focused on technical skills of owners and staff related to the day-to-day management of services such as table setting, hygiene, reception, etc.

2. Development of personalized brochures and websites for each cottage inn

3. Promotion and marketing of the network of the cottage inns (www.dhiafeeprogram.org) and link them to other stakeholders in the tourism industry to attract more tourists

In order to meet the definition of a “cottage inn” and be eligible for the DHIAFEE Program, the DHIAFEE team used the following criteria to choose the program beneficiaries:

1. The lodging should not have less than 3 or more than 30 rooms for sleeping (with very few exceptions);
2. The lodging should be outside Beirut;
3. The lodging should be low cost; average of $40 per night per person, including breakfast, with few exceptions depending on the season;
4. The lodging should have a kitchen, which may or may not be open for the use of guests;
5. The lodging should have private or common bathrooms and hot water;
6. The lodging should be safe for guests and should not serve as housing for laborers or be in use for activities which might be disturbing to potential guests;
7. The lodging should have a unique appeal.


To start the implementation of the DHIAFEE program between November 2005 and July 2008, ANERA received the generous support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) www.usaid.gov.lb, under the agency’s Expanding Economic Opportunities Program in Lebanon.

Main Partner (between 2005 and 2008) Al-Kafaat Foundation www.al-kafaat.org

Program implemented in Coordination with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism www.lebanon-tourism.gov.lb

For more information about the DHIAFEE Program, please contact

The DHIAFEE Program Team at ANERA
Gefinor Center – 6th floor - Bloc B – 602
Clemenceau- Beirut
Tel/ Fax: +961-1-750 603
Mobile: +961-3-219 573

  DHIAFEE Program is supporting responsible tourism and working to increase economic
  opportunities in rural communities. Book online or drop us an email to make a reservation.
Managed by ANERA, the DHIAFEE Program was established in 2006 in coordination with Al-Kafaat Foundation
and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism with a generous donation from USAID.
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